Craft Cafe DFW is born.


Vision in Bloom

Our first official board meeting for Craft Cafe happened today.  Jennifer and Ashley both came with their ideas, their dreams, their visions, and their enthusiasm for this movement.  After two of the fastest hours they had both ever experienced, Craft Cafe, Sweet Palettes (the personal project of Jennifer Brickman), and the Victory Garden (the personal project of Ashley Wolfe) have all begun moving forward.

Upcoming Events:

November 27, 2011 – Coffee and Crafts

Location: Ashley Wolfe’s House
Time: 2:00pm-7:00pm (come and go as you please)
Specifics: Supply Swap – Bring crafting or art supplies you wish to let go of.  You will be able to pick up some new supplies someone else is parting with.  And, BAM!, you have a new project to add to your list.  Any unclaimed supplies will be donated to Craft Cafe’s first charitable craft event at Christ Haven Foster Home.
Amenities: Self-serve coffee bar will be open as well as a bring-your-own-produce juice bar.  Jennifer will bake up some sweet and savory goodies as well.  Please note: The coffee bar and made-from-scratch sweets will only survive with your support.  Please plan on making a contribution to our budding business.

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