Green Polka Dot Box

The Green Polka Dot Box is the first of its kind.

I’ve been waiting for months now, and its finally happening!  The Green Polka Dot Box is open for business to Founding Trust Members!  This is my opportunity to tell you about the Reward and Basic Club Membership you can have with the Green Polka Dot Box.

The GPDB is an online buying club for groceries, household, and personal care products.  Basic Club members get the discount all other members receive, with free shipping on orders over $150.  There is even talk of fresh, local produce becoming available through GPDB in the near future.
Reward Members earn rewards points based on customer referals.   These reward points traslate into cash to be spent on GPDB orders.
If you are interested in any more information about the Green Polka Dot Box, don’t hesitate to ask.  Click the banner above to be taken directly to the website and start browsing their amazing selection of products you already see in the store!

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