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Dye2Spin: Your Stash Supplier

1000X200 Dye2Spin banner

I was telling one of my co-workers today, “I think this is THE most well-deserved Spring Break I’ve had in my nine years of teaching public school.”  She looked at me and nodded, agreeing that she felt the same.  What a year it’s been!

So I’m diving into my Dye2Spin production studio (i.e. the kitchen) over the next week while I have nowhere to be but home.  More Captain Jack, Midnight Rider, and Lovebird skeins will enter the world.  Shortly after, those products will be available on this very website for viewing and purchasing.

I’m almost tempted to go visit the Shabby Sheep in Dallas to check on my hand-dyed spinning fibers and Bulky Merino skeins that are currently sitting on the shelves, waiting for lovely creatives to adopt them, love them, hug them a bit, and turn them into what they were always meant to be.  Would that make me…

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