Craft Cafe DFW is a business and community outreach idea-in-bloom.  Ashley and Jennifer are currently working together in the same public school in the Fort Worth area.  They have been teaching together now for five years.  They share a common love for working with children, making learning memorable and fun, and also the arts and crafting.

Back in 2009, Jennifer approached Ashley with an idea she had about having an environment where children are involved in learning not only school-related material, but also arts, crafts, cooking, baking, etc. 

Just the other day, (Oct. 2011) Ashley approached Jennifer with an idea of a place for both adults and children which focuses on learning through arts, crafts, gardening, community work, etc.  They’ve both put their heads together and have begun to move forward with rigor in order to make this dream a more clear and attainable reality.

At the moment, we are “Craft Cafe Mobile” due to the absence of a brick-and-mortar location.  On November 27th, we will be having our first monthly get-together where all of our adult craft friends will come over and do what they love to do in the company of their friends and really good coffee.

Craft Cafe DFW is going to start working with children in the community sometime before the holidays.  Our first goal is to work in Christ’s Haven Foster Home with the children.  CCDFW would like to collect arts and crafts supplies and materials in order to give these children an opportunity to create something for someone else for the winter holidays.  This may be a scrapbook page, a greeting card, an origami creation, the sky is the limit.  Ashley and Jennifer believe that there is true healing in art and creation.  They would like to make these opportunities available at least once per month in the name of Craft Cafe DFW.

If you are in the DFW area and are willing to join us for our monthly get-togethers or are interested in helping our community efforts, please begin by following our blog and emailing us at


Thank you!

Ashley & Jennifer
Co-Founders, Craft Cafe DFW


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