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First Trip to the Plot


Yesterday, my husband and I took our first trip out to the community garden plot we’ve paid for to use during the 2012 growing seasons here in Fort Worth.

You’ll find a picture of a separated bail of straw laying in recycle bins in the back of my car. Now that I think about it, I should have used my husband’s ’99 CRV. He wouldn’t care about some getaway straw pieces finding their way onto his floorboard. Oh well. What’s done is done.

We arrived at the community garden, Common Grounds in North Richland Hills, later in the afternoon and were amazed at how cute it was. Most of the 12X4 feet plots are rife with winter veggies, some ornamentals, and some summer plants either too confused by North Texas weather or too stubborn to die back.

We quickly spread out the straw over the bare soil of my little plot. That was that. Oh, and I DO have to admit to taking a taste of one of my neighboring gardener’s pear-shaped yellow cherry tomatoes!! Man it was good.