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When creation heals


Ashford Traditional Bobbin with Electrifying YarnFellow crafting friends and creatives alike,

Please allow me to express my gratitude to creation.  In particularly tough times in the family or workplace, I know I can count on the productivity and silence of my type of creative process.  These processes include knitting, dyeing yarn and spinning yarn.  I love each of these with passion I cannot describe. 

I think about doing each of these things while I’m at my day job.  I talk to people everywhere about these crafts.  I listen to people tell me, “That’s a lost art” as I’m spinning up some animal fiber.  You know what I tell them?  I tell them how fiber arts is making a come-back!  And I’m so happy to say that with confidence.  Arts and crafting in general is making a come-back, at least in my life it is.

So, when I have a tough day in the classroom and I’ve worked out at the gym but I still don’t feel at ease, I just pick up the knitting needles, pull out the wheel, or pre-soak some wool roving so I can put myself in that zone where I don’t have to talk to anyone but myself.  And, nine times out of ten, when I talk to myself, I’m right!

Seven days and Counting


Quickly, I’m just sharing my excitement about the November 27th Coffee & Crafts, our first ever Craft Cafe Mobile event!!! There is sure to be lots if fun, laughter, creativity, and down-right amazingness going on that day.

I received some freshly ground Cappulido coffee yesterday from my husband’s friend Eric Pulido. That will be served along with the wonderment of JenBrickman’s Bakery.

Below is a batch of hand-dyed yarn, drying in the sun. Courtesy of Ashley Wolfe, dye2spin.Etsy.com

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Being Creative.


This wonderful Saturday morning (and the rest of the day, hopefully) is dedicated to creativity.  Creating wearable art is interesting because, really, can’t anything be art?  Art is in the eye of the beholder, right?

One of my most favorite things to do is spin my own yarn.  Seldom do I actually get to use it in a knitting project.  The process of dyeing and spinning certainly is wonderful.  Seeing someone else’s creation using my creation is a gratifying experience.  Below is an example of one of my most popular colorways, Panorama.  First, as roving, then as yarn.  Just gorgeous, isn’t it.  You can find it at my fiber-dedicated Etsy shop, Dye2Spin

After this beautiful Merino 64s Roving is given a whirl throught the old Ashford Traditional, it looks like the hand-spun goodness below.