What to do with your knitting samples or swatches.


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I don’t typically make swatches or samples. I dive right in and try to ignore mistakes as I make them. But, that’s the story with handmade, its the personalization that makes the product great!
Today I’m going to share just a quick tip with you about what to do with all those swatches and samples. Instead of keeping one (unfinished) fingerless mitten in a drawer, or swatches of yarn that you KNOW you’ll never need to measure again, use them to clean your house! That’s right, clean your house with them. Perhaps you could keep a 100% wool yarn swatch near your computer to clean your screen. You could put on one of those acrylic mittens to dust your mini-blinds. You could even use left over yarn scraps to make the center of your next dryer ball project.

Whatever you do, don’t throw them away!  You could use that wonderful wool in more…

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About craftcafedfw

Ashley is an elementary school teacher in the Fort Worth area who has a vision and mission to bring community members together in the name of arts, crafts, and the greater good. I am in the process of building up the name of Craft Cafe as not only a place where crafters meet to enjoy themselves as they work, but as a community outreach movement to improve the lives of others, namely children, in a variety of ways. Although the idea for Craft Cafe is as new as a spring chick, Ashley is deeply committed to the mission of providing enriching opportunities for children and adults through the arts, crafting, education, and the environment.

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