Before I begin, I must say that I am not the only one behind the vision and mission of Craft Cafe.  There are so many community members, friends, and family members of mine who not only share in some of my beliefs, but who help me shape the focus of Craft Cafe through their input.  So, when I say “we, us,” or “our,” its because I know that this isn’t 100% my effort as a lone… Wolfe.

Our mission and vision are still in the creation, baby stages at the moment.  We have talked extensively about all the great things we want to do not only as a for-profit business but as a non-profit entity as well.  So, clearly, there is still much to hash out.

In a nutshell, we would like to serve the community, specifically the children from disadvantaged situations in a place where arts, crafts, baking, gardening, and general creativity is top priority.  Our current work includes a monthly charity project where Craft Cafe community members contribute what they can to enhance our charitable giving.  For example, one month, we may have a cookie swap and donate a portion to a local homeless help center.  We have also asked our Craft Cafe members to knit or crochet squares for a children’s home charity afghan.  Every month, we try to help out when we can.

We are “Craft Cafe Mobile” right now because we currently do not have a brick-and-mortar location.  This is an advantage to us in many ways because we have cut out much of our overhead and we’ve also created more opportunities of community outreach instead of community in-reach, if that makes sense.


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